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Many people are unaware of the true value of microcredits that offer services and that can reach € 900. The common belief is that basically, this type of service offers you money that you request without having to justify what you need it for. However, these services are also providing you with something more, something

Terms in an indemnity for loss

When you have just had a traffic accident, you often find yourself in a technical language that you do not know and that only confuses you in a stressful situation. We are going to indicate some of the most used and what you can find and explain a little to what they refer.   Emerging

Unsubscribe a car how to do it?

There are two options when canceling a car: we can do it temporarily or permanently .   Here we will explain what procedures you will need to perform according to which option you choose. Cancel a car permanently This management is very simple, because you will not have to carry out any procedure before the DGT. The only thing

Driving on holidays

To avoid possible accidents with our vehicle, it is essential to follow a series of recommendations before embarking on the trip. Surely many of us will take the car to drive on vacation, whether to go to the beach, the mountains or urban tourism.   Some tips for driving on vacation The first thing is

Accident with an animal on the road

Driving through a secondary route sometimes leads to the risk of a wild animal invading the road. Inevitably, even if you go at the right speed and your driving is correct, you are not exempt from the risk of events like this that can lead to accidents with animals, so you have to be prepared

Are loans better online than at the house bank?

In today’s Internet age, many borrowers in Austria are wondering whether a loan should be selected from their own bank or from the ever-increasing supply of online credit on the Internet. Many well-known banks convince with a professional internet presence and offer a combination of application in the branch or comfortable online banking. Benefits of

Total loss of vehicle with fault

In this case your rights end up in the limit that you have signed in the insurance contract. In this type of accident, you are the one responsible for the accident, so you would only have the right to compensation / repair of your vehicle in case you have a full risk policy, third party

Auto insurance: do not forget your tires!

When one chooses the guarantees of his auto insurance policy, he is a subject to which one does not always think: the tires. An oversight that may yet cost you. That’s it, it’s the big day of departure on vacation! You check one last time that you have not forgotten anything and load the last