To avoid possible accidents with our vehicle, it is essential to follow a series of recommendations before embarking on the trip.

Tips for driving on vacation

Surely many of us will take the car to drive on vacation, whether to go to the beach, the mountains or urban tourism.


Some tips for driving on vacation

  • The first thing is to check that the car is in perfect condition . The most advisable thing is to take it to our trustworthy workshop so that you can do a general review and a set-up. This will have to be done well in advance of the departure date, in case it is necessary to make some adjustment in the vehicle.
  • Make sure you bring all the necessary documentation : driving license, driving license, vehicle technical sheet, ITV card, insurance policy and proof of payment, green card (in case of traveling abroad) and a friendly part of traffic accident .
  • You should also carry with you all the necessary security elements : signaling triangles, reflective vest, spare wheel and tools to make the change.
  • Plan the route you are going to follow . Choose the best route and do not put a time limit of arrival, you will enjoy more of the trip and you will not take unnecessary risks to accelerate more than the account.
  • Avoid fatigue . Make stops to rest and hydrate, it is also convenient to make light meals that facilitate digestion.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs of any kind . This is still one of the main causes of accidents, in addition you are exposed to large penalties and even jail sentences.
  • Organize the boot well , distribute the load in the best possible way respecting the weight limits and never carry loose objects in the inner tray.
  • If you are traveling with children, you should know that they will have to use child restraint systems according to their age, weight and height.

And finally, the most important advice, use common sense . Respect the speed limits and traffic signals, as well as other unforeseen events: retentions, weather changes, works … Remember that many people take the car on vacation and this means that we should be especially alert on the road. Remember that the most important thing is to return.