When you have just had a traffic accident, you often find yourself in a technical language that you do not know and that only confuses you in a stressful situation.

We are going to indicate some of the most used and what you can find and explain a little to what they refer.


Emerging damage

These are all the expenses that the victim of the accident must assume as a consequence of having an accident. For example: medical bills, breakage or loss of personal items, transport bills for displacement.


Legal defense

In all insurance policies you will find a clause that refers to the legal defense that will allow you to hire the lawyer you want and then pass the expenses to the insurer. In each company, the amount of this defense is different. Look your insurance.


Corrector factor

This is a percentage that extends the compensation based on your annual income of the victim. If your annual income is small, you can request a higher compensation.


Loss of profits

These are the income that you, as a victim, have ceased to receive as a result of injuries or property damage suffered in the accident. If, for example, your car is essential to work, you must receive compensation for this reason.


Personal harm

This is qualified as basic, moderate, serious or very serious. These are the days that you lose as a result of the accident, what were previously called days of disability or the days you spent in the hospital.


Points for sequels

After having an accident and suffering an injury, you can still suffer symptoms because it has not healed completely, sometimes for life. In this case, the opposite insurance company has the obligation to give you compensation based on the corresponding points for the sequels. All these under the Traffic Scale. Each injury is scored and it is the expert doctor who is responsible for fixing it.


Medical expert.

Well it is the doctor who has to make a report detailing the injuries and sequels. Many companies already have medical experts to assess the opinion of these independent doctors.


Motivated offer

This is the first extrajudicial offer offered by the insurer based on the medical reports provided by the insurance company. This offer you can always negotiate. Ask us what you have to do.


We hope you never have to see yourself in an accident and the further away from these terms you are, the better. But, otherwise, and in a situation such as a traffic accident, it is always good to know your rights and the possibility of claiming just compensation .