In this case your rights end up in the limit that you have signed in the insurance contract.

In this type of accident, you are the one responsible for the accident, so you would only have the right to compensation / repair of your vehicle in case you have a full risk policy, third party insurance with total loss, or in case of some policies, you would have run over a domestic animal or game fauna.

As the cause of the accident and taking a policy that covers the loss, you must submit to the particular and general conditions established in the policy. In this case your rights end up in the limit that you have signed in the insurance contract.

In spite of this, as in the case of a no-fault accident, insurers usually make an economic offer, most likely downwards and only verbally, so that the company is pushing your knowledge and your economic situation by playing with misinformation and the purchasing power of the insured / injured party to force agreements to the downside and take advantage of the loss.

This situation is the staging of the insurer in which they tell you the market value or market value of your car or motorcycle or truck and also tell you that this value is subtracted from the value of remains, which is the value that has the vehicle damaged for a scrapping.

The first deception or error is in the market value, market value or value again (as contemplated in the insurance condition) that the insurer tells you. In many cases it is not correct, because they have not included the relevant correction for mileage or have not included the extras / non-standard accessories of the vehicle that do appear on the policy, so that the offer they make is less than fair. compensation, and they are deceiving you by mistake, intention or omission.

We have a long experience in the car accident assessing effectively and in a concrete way the market value and market of each vehicle according to their specific circumstances.

Having clear the correct venal value, market value or new value of your vehicle is the first step to be able to demand and negotiate on equal terms with the insurance company.

We provide you with the correct market value or the correct market value of your vehicle and depending on the specific circumstances of your case, we will make a recommendation and suggestions of the possible actions to be taken with respect to the insurance company so that do not have to resort to the judicial claim saving costs in lawyer, solicitor, experts of parties and third parties or judicial, that in case you do not have an insurance of legal defense would be at your expense, in addition to dilate the times exponentially.

You only have to make the CONSULTATION OF YOUR CASE and in 24/48 hours we will send you to the mail that you indicate us the correct valuation of your car and our recommendations and technical suggestions.