There are two options when canceling a car: we can do it temporarily or permanently .


Here we will explain what procedures you will need to perform according to which option you choose.

Cancel a car permanently

This management is very simple, because you will not have to carry out any procedure before the DGT. The only thing you have to do is get in touch with an Authorized Treatment Center (CAT) and they will take care of the disappearance of the vehicle and the removal of the car from the Vehicle Registry of the General Directorate of Traffic. This process is usually free and usually includes picking up the vehicle with a crane; something to keep in mind if at the moment you want to make the low the car no longer has insurance or ITV in force.

Once the vehicle has been recycled, the CAT will give you the Certificate of Destruction , which you will have to present to your City Council and your insurance company in order to cancel both the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM) and the insurance. In the case that you have already paid the IVTM you can request a refund of the part not enjoyed, this is not the case with the insurance, since the companies do not usually make any refund once you have paid the annual fee.

The documentation that you will need to present in the CAT is the following:

  • ID card holder, Spanish driver’s license, residence card or Passport plus Foreigners Identification Number
  • Vehicle data sheet
  • Vehicle registration certificate

Finally, it is important to know that if we do not cancel our car in the correct way and, for example, we leave it abandoned on the public highway, we expose ourselves to be sanctioned with fines ranging from 600 to 600,000 euros, depending on the environmental damage that the vehicle could cause.

Cancel a car temporarily

We usually opt for this option when we are going to spend a long time without using the vehicle (for example, for a long holiday abroad), when we have suffered a very expensive accident or breakdown and we can not face the repair, when we have suffered a theft of the car … This way we will save both the Traffic Tax and the insurance. This procedure has a cost of € 8.30, except in the case of theft.

To do this we will have to move to the Traffic Department of our province and fill in the withdrawal request form . In addition we must present the following documentation:

  • ID card holder, Spanish driver’s license, residence card or Passport plus Foreigners Identification Number
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • ITV card
  • Report the theft of the vehicle, if applicable

Once the procedure is completed, Traffic will retain all the documentation of the vehicle and we will not be able to circulate with it until we re-register it and have all the necessary documentation in our hands.